Intern with Us!

Find yourself living in a luxurious Balinese style hut and waking each day to spend your time thriving in nature.
Welcome to our internship program at Moana ‘Ula.
Apply Here

The fee is $595, for a 6 week stay with us. This includes access to delicious organic raw food from the land, accommodations, and a permaculture guide.

Housing: A Shared screened in Hut or Tarp covered camping.

Work Time: Fourteen hours of work on the farm each week is also expected. We love people who love to work!  We like to work together in work parties for maximum fun and learning.

Our food policy includes access to any food from the land  unless otherwise marked. We eat a low fat high raw and vegan diet. There is no cooking/meat/dairy/cooked food on the land. We also have a dehydrator, food processor, and blender. Everyone prepares meals for themselves unless there is a specified community meal. You may contribute your work hours to salad prep for community meals.

We have wireless internet at Moana ‘Ula.  If you bring your own laptop and want to hook into our wireless system, there is a $10/month fee payable at the beginning of your stay. (We are on a satellite with limited bandwith, so no large uploading please!).

Airport Shuttle: If you are arriving and departing from Hilo airport, we are happy to arrange a shuttle for you. The fee is $30 for each one way trip to cover costs.  This fee can be shared with other arriving guests.

Everyone participates in a weekly cleaning party to keep things tidy.

There is a weekly afternoon Community Meeting on Monday’s for community planning, talk about work, and resolve any interpersonal issues. This meeting is required for interns to attend.

A community member will serve as your Liaison during your stay, to orient you, and help you integrate into community life.

The program is limited to six individuals.

Our 2012 Internship dates are:
June 17th-Aug 4th 2012
September 9th-October 20th 2012
November 4th- December 22nd 2012

Apply Here


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