About Us

Site: Moana ‘Ula is a 30+ acre property on the eastern side of Hawaii. Although Moana ‘Ula boarders the site of a former volcanic flow, the area now contains a lush food forest, dense jungle, and cane grasslands.Temperatures range between 80′s during the day and 60′s at night.  It rains about 100 inches of rain per year, mostly in the Winter/Spring months. The land is one mile from the ocean and not far from some geothermal heated springs.

Meet the Community:…

History: Moana ‘Ula was founded and called Pangaia in 1996 by Manis Martin and …. since then it has been purchased by….

Buildings: There are 3 Acres that are developed that make up the homestead part of the land. Moana ‘Ula has several huts as well as two larger community buildings. Our buildings are made from redwood, cedar, and ohia. As well as bamboo and other renewable materials. There is a wood shop, a yoga studio, gym,  a kitchen, and an outdoor bathing area (solar heated). There are also several composting toilets on the land. The community space has solar powered lighting/electricity. All water is filtered rain water.

Visiting Us: Tours and Overnight visits can be arranged please contact us for more details.

Contact Us:


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